Wooden wall cladding for all areas

The wall cladding made of wood is not a thing of the past. On the contrary, it has become especially modern in recent years. The warm look that comes close to nature and the cosiness radiating from the wood are qualities that make it extremely popular as a material, if you are looking for high-quality furnishings and equipment for the home. We would like to prove that with some ideas that we have put together in the following gallery.

Inspiring Examples Of Minimal Interior Design 3 - UltraLinx

The wall cladding made of wood for indoors is an easy-care solution for wall design. The walls must be provided with a damp cloth. Wood is also quite suitable for rooms with high levels of humidity, such as the bathroom or kitchen. If a certain amount of processing of the material is needed then a protective layer prevents the moisture from penetrating into the interior of the wood.

When looking for the right kind of wood you should seek advice from experts. In this case, too, the rule gilds – dark colors reduce the size of the room, while in contrast it gives the impression that one is in a larger one. The walls can also be clad with solid wood, but also with old wood, split wood, wooden discs or other pieces of wood. It depends on what kind of structure it is. Of course, panels made of solid wood are recommended if a uniform and regular look is desired.

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In recent days, consoles will be clad in wood by a certain number of interiors. It creates a visual separation. In addition, wooden walls serve as sound insulation. In conference or music rooms usually a special acoustic wall paneling made of wood is installed.

Rustic Industrial Bathroom.

The different types of wood, whether native or tropical, differ greatly in their color and grain. A thermal pre-treatment is required to make the wood resistant to moisture and mildew. Nevertheless, splash drops must be washed off in good time so that no unsightly stains appear on the surface. The right care is therefore important even after good pre-treatment.

Modern cabin

You have the choice between the most diverse types of wood. Whole panels can be used, or as described in this example. Adjust the wood color to suit your decor or create a colorful contrast between the decor and the wall.


The cladding can be particularly effective when used to create an accent wall. So it stands out from the rest and can optically separate a certain area in the room from the rest. This design idea is gladly used for seating areas where the wood can be used in a wall unit.


An example of a wall unit already mentioned See here die. The walls are covered with wooden furniture. The furniture, which is also suitable for cladding the wall, are mounted through the wall.


Adjust the design to your interior design style. For example, while plywood panels go very well with retro style, planks and moldings can complement the modern style. Waste wood in certain colors creates a rustic flair, but can also be used for the shabby style, depending on the color.


Just as you can paint the walls in any color, you can also paint the wood as you like and use a specific color theme for the room. A great example can be seen at the top of the picture, for which a turquoise-like shade was used to achieve a maritime design. This wood is complemented with maritime decorations and furniture, as well as wall colors in a similar shade for the rest of the rooms.

The cladding of all walls of a room does not have to look old-fashioned and depressing. But on the contrary! Square or rectangular and plain panels even create a modern atmosphere that makes a space inviting and inviting. Light wood colors are again to be preferred here, since a dark color in the entire room, as already mentioned, would not have a particularly positive effect.

Nice Interior.

We have already mentioned that wooden discs are well suited to cover the walls. But it does not necessarily have to be round pieces of wood that adorn the wall. Also square or rectangular pieces are perfect and create a design that attracts everyone’s attention. The fact that the pieces can not all be identical in color and pattern, also creates a subtle yet pleasant play of colors that provides variety in any room. For example, how about decorating the wall behind your bed in this way? Even bare walls in the hall seem so much more lively and comfortable.

Wood, glass, and concrete play an important role in this office interior design

Lift a sitting area or another in the kitchen. It can also happen either way. And we also mentioned that the wood surface can be cleaned quickly and easily. If the kitchen has a contrasting color compared to the floor, you can add the floor color to the wall.

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Outdoor kitchen


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