The floating house of “Confused Direction” 10+ Ideas

The floating house of German architects “Confused Direction” is really a future-oriented residential design that touches on a number of construction innovations. From its architecture and the use of sustainable building materials to its floating property for modern living in the northern part of Germany. According to the architects, this modern house design was created not only as a floating prefabricated house – although the clear influence on its style can not be denied – but as an alternative to traditional town houses.
This houseboat still offers a comfortable, living balance between modern technology and domestic comfort. The floating house is to be anchored in a place on the water nearby densely populated urban centers. A planted roof underlines the sustainable style, while a “terrace” element has been added, which the inhabitants would otherwise have to do without. The green roof is complemented by environmentally friendly wood material from an old farmhouse, as well as by other environmentally friendly building materials. The front facade of the house reveals a large window, revealing its two floors and the cozy and comfortable rooms.
The interior design is minimalist and the designers have a bright white color palette. Modern furniture provide the occupants ultimate comfort and all the necessary amenities for a home.