Setting up a living room without a TV – ideas for interior design

Each one is familiar with the classic interior design of the living room. The focal point is the sitting area with couch and armchairs, but all are always in the same direction, namely to the TV. So that makes the TV the real focus. But that the television is not very positive, is now known to everyone. If you have decided to banish your TV from the living room at least, then today’s ideas for living rooms without a TV can be useful, with which you can design your living space in a special way.

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Once the TV is out, there are many new living room ideas without a TV that you can consider. Try to put the seating in a different direction. Maybe you have a great window front? Then you can look outside the sofa instead of watching TV and enjoy nature in your garden from the living room without a TV.

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Just because there is no television in the living room does not mean that you automatically have to do without a wall or a lowboard. Finally, it is great for storage. But instead of putting a TV on the lowboard, you can use different decorations for this purpose. Let’s come up with something for the living room without a TV!

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If you have a fireplace in the living room, you now have the opportunity to set the seating group so that you can enjoy the pleasant fire in the evening. Kingt much more romantic than television, right? And if you do not have a fireplace, you can now consider for the living room without TV.

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Perhaps you now think that the lack of a television alone can not make a room more spacious. And that’s where you’re right. But keep in mind the usual arrangement of seating. These are usually in a semicircle to always have the view to the TV free. As a result, the distance between the armchair and couch is often uncomfortably tight. For a living room without a TV you can change this. The picture above shows a great example of LLI Design Studio.

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Now that the seating group does not have to be aligned with a particular wall, the furniture can also form a whole circle, with the coffee table being the centerpiece. The living room without TV offers more freedom to walk and conversations with family or friends are so much more enjoyable. That’s worth considering, is not it?

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You can also set up an open living room in this way if you want to design a living room without a TV. The seating area was directed towards the kitchen, creating a great interaction between the individual areas. On the one hand they are optically separated, on the other hand they are connected by their orientation.

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This living room without a TV uses the wonderful view, which it receives from the particularly attractive windows in a sloping roof. The corner sofa is located in the corner of the room, allowing a view of the entire room. The centerpiece is the round wooden coffee table. The meeting is also marked by the big carpet.


As already mentioned, a living room with TV can be equipped without cable. That would also be done in this house. The wall behind the couch that was used for a large mural.

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A fireplace does not necessarily have to be opposite the sofa to make a great impression and replace the TV successfully. In the living room without TV at the top it is located to the side of the furniture. This leaves enough room for traffic along the seating area. How exactly you rearrange your living room depends on the size of the room.

Instead of just setting up a sofa across from a wall unit, two sofas were used to make a sitting area in the living room without a TV. In this way you get more seats and also the get-togethers and conversations are more pleasant again. The wall is also free again for a pretty mural that complements the subtle wall color.

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Very original, this living room is also furnished without a TV. Despite the lack of a TV, it has a lowboard, which also represents a step up the stairs. Really clever, right? However, this board is not delivered with the TV, but has room for decorations and can also be used as a reading area.


Also this living room without TV has a modern wall unit. And at the point where some would hang your TV on the wall, a small fireplace adorns the wall. And the lowboard serves as a shelf for pretty decorations. This, we find, is a good reason to maintain the original furniture with wall unit and semi-circular seating area.

A dramatic floor to ceiling stone fireplace is the focal point in this two-story coastal style living room. A neutral sectional and wood coffee table add a touch of contrast to the bright look of the space, including soft beige walls and large windows that allow natural light to flood the room.

On the left is a lowboard with floating design. However, it is not used for the TV and the sofa was originally not set up opposite. The Scandinavian living room without TV uses a rather atypical furniture arrangement in which the sofa and living room wall are optically separated and form their own areas.

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Bright colors, combined with some dark shades of gray, create a modern and stylish living room without a TV, which is also replaced by a fireplace. If the fireplace is higher up on the wall than here, it visually replaces the TV perfectly and also creates a beautiful accent wall, which makes the room much more comfortable.

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Also in this living room is missing the TV. Instead, the seating area was set up next to a panoramic fireplace, which also serves as a room divider. The U-shape of the seating area allows both exciting conversations and enjoyable evenings by the warming fireplace. The living room without TV is very comfortable.

In the living room you can not only watch the TV from the sitting area. How about you hang a nice painting on the wall instead? A sideboard can then wonderfully replace a large wall unit. In this way, this living room was set up without a TV. Also striking are the patchwork furniture.

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If the space allows it and you can not decide between two possible areas for the lounge, then just set up both areas appropriately. Here, the corner sofa once serves as a kind of frame for the living area with kitchen and dining area. The living room without a TV has a second sitting area directly at the window.

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How exactly you now furnish the living room without a TV comes, as I said, on the size of the room, as well as on any immovable elements that limit the possibilities. In the living room upstairs, this not only includes the doors, but also the large fireplace, which only make the center of the room usable. Nevertheless, the living room is cozy and inviting.

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