Set up a common nursery: ideas & tips for 3 or 4 children

Often several siblings have to share a nursery because you can not always treat each child to their own nursery. Sometimes parents feel guilty about not being able to provide enough space for their offspring. Others, however, deliberately make the decision that brothers and sisters share a room. However, planning is not always easy, especially if the sibling room has to be set up for three or four children. Below, we have put together useful information and tips for you on how to set up a cozy and practical shared nursery. With these interior design ideas for children’s rooms for three or four children, a bit of creativity and planning talent, you support peaceful living together and create a place to feel good.

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Although experts disagree as to whether a sibling room for three or more children is beneficial for the children or not, the shared room has many advantages. Adolescents learn to be considerate of others early on and make compromises. They also fill up safe and secure and can exchange constantly. The most beautiful thing about the sibling room is certainly the fun and the valuable opportunity to experience the adventure together.

Especially in the beginning it comes that the children distract each other and remain practical when falling asleep. But that’s no reason to worry, because children make it clear to their brothers and sisters if they really want to sleep. One of the most important prerequisites for setting up a shared nursery is the sibling constellation. The little things are absolutely normal, but the children understand really well so that the dispute situations remain in the frame.

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It does not matter if the children are same or different sex. Regarding the different age, the best distance is between 2 and 4 years. With less distance, the children share the same interests but are often jealous of each other. If the age gap is greater than 4 years, it would be difficult for the older child to share the nursery. Below are tips and interior design ideas and examples when three or more children need to share the sibling room.

If you are setting up a shared nursery for several siblings, it is of utmost importance that the room is as large as possible. The more space is available, the easier the nursery set up and the more comfortable your offspring will feel there, and not constantly getting in the way. In smaller apartments there is often the possibility not to convert another bedroom into a children’s bedroom.

Great art & book storage in a kid's room. Senn & Sons // Hugo's Room

Below you will fnd ideas and inspiration on how to optimally furnish even small children’s rooms. In order to create more space in the sibling room, it is sometimes worth outsourcing some things from the room. For example, the desks of your children can be moved to the study. If one devotes to the common nursery establishment, it is advisable to get neutral furniture, as the interests of the children change quickly.

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Finally, you can add a touch of color to the wall or other decorations and create a beautiful world with your children’s favorite heroes. It is best to involve the children in the design of the nursery. If the adolescents are allowed to co-decide and choose their own style, there are fewer complaints later. A clear division is also an advantage.

Regardless of the size and condition of the room, try to use the available space optimally and creatively and get the most out of every square centimeter. If, for example, you have to set up a common nursery that should be accommodated in a high room, you can divide the sleeping facility over several levels. So the children have their beds on two or three levels.

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In the sibling room for several children, the bunk bed is absolutely justified a true classic. With it you can create even in lower rooms another level and conjure up valuable space in a small and narrow nursery. On the market you will find many different models of cribs that fit perfectly in the space planned for it.

This Built-In Bed Idea Creates More Space for Toys | Although children may not take up much space with their physical persons, they sure do have a lot of stuff. So storage is a primary consideration when it comes to kids' rooms. These nine spaces may not be very large, but the key to creating storage in them is clever built-ins of all shapes and sizes.

For example, there are practical bunk beds over-the-corner, which are the optimal solution for larger sibling rooms. They not only provide additional sleeping space, but also great play opportunities that the children appreciate. If the children’s bedroom is rather elongated, you can set up a bunk bed, which is laterally displaceable. Otherwise, there are the skyscraper triple beds and fours beds, which are a true space saver from a certain height.

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Decisive for a peaceful and happy coexistence in the sibling room is a retreat, where every child can withdraw from time to time and spend a while undisturbed. For all siblings it is of great importance, albeit briefly, to have their privacy. Such an area can easily be separated from the rest of the room with the help of a curtain or shelf.

65 Bunkbed For Small Room 9

The fact that several children have a bedroom means, of course, that they are perceived as a whole. Every child must be given the opportunity to show their own personality. This way, the wall behind your own bed can turn into a unique work of art. Let your loved one have a say in the choice of colors when setting up and designing both children’s rooms.

If you set up a common nursery for three or four children, you should also provide enough free space. The kids have a lot of time playing, painting or just romping around. For this reason, a lot of storage space must be made so that they can remain free. Especially with three or four siblings, there is already a bit, was stowed away.

2012 | Rosemary Beach | Boys' Bunk Room | Designer: Urban Grace Interiors

Dran though the children’s room is organized in the individual areas, it is easy for children to clean up. In addition to the play area, you can design a building or handicraft corner and only allow as many toys as you need. Experience shows that children play better with fewer games.

Nine brilliant, kiddo-optimized design ideas to keep a tidy playroom.

Especially when two girls and two boys share the sibling room, everyone can get their own color. With a simple wall paint in the nursery design you have beaten two birds with one stone. The siblings have given their own room a personal touch and at the same time ensured a visual separation of the individual areas.

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With a thoughtful planning, a few tricks and order you can help your children to a beautiful and cozy nursery. The adolescents are welcome to invite friends and proudly show their own empire. Shared luck is twice the luck and the fun is guaranteed.

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