Modernizing the nursery – 15 new ideas for girls and boys

Each parent acknowledges the assignment to transform the nursery into a living space for his posterity, where one feels in any case extremely well. The nursery for young ladies and young men ought serve to play, rest and learn, as well as numerous different necessities. In the present article, we give you incredible thoughts and proposals on the most proficient method to make the nursery current and innovative and change this space into a fantasy put. Be roused by the accompanying picture display where you can discover new thoughts for young ladies and young men!

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Our imaginative and lively children always need something creative and new that they can inspire. Modernizing your nursery does not just mean creating a modern-looking interior, but creating a space that enhances your little ones’ imagination and promotes their intelligence. Although it may seem like a daunting task in the beginning, with a few tricks and tips you can easily design a modern nursery.

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The modern children’s rooms are characterized by simplicity and enough space that ensures the children’s freedom of movement. The room should not be crowded with furniture and many decorative items, otherwise it can quickly be overwhelming. The best way of the room is a large window through which plenty of natural light can penetrate and the children’s or youth room bright and friendly.

A playful child's room ♡

While you have to confine yourself to the essentials when choosing furniture and toys, you can let your imagination run free when designing your wall and follow your child’s preferences if you want to make the children’s room modern. The design possibilities at the walls are almost infinite.

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For example, you can paint the wall in pastel shades, light blue, pink or beige. Wall tattoos and wall stickers with imaginative children’s motifs contribute to a happy atmosphere. Let the children have, you also have to be creative yourself. The walls can also be colorful pictures or filled with individual oversized decoration elements.

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Modern children’s and youth rooms exude liveliness and thus a special charm. Would you like to give the children’s room a creative touch and bring dynamics into the room, a painting wall with blackboard paint would be an excellent idea. If you want to keep the decor as decent as possible, of course, can get a small board, which is impressed again and again with new works of art.

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For a nursery to look modern, the furnishings must be attractive and functional. As far as the selection of furniture for the modern children’s kingdom is concerned, they must be adapted to the age of the child and his preferences. For babies and toddlers there are cots, which leave nothing to be desired for absolutely every style of furnishing. For older children and teenage children, find beds and bunk beds that fit perfectly in a modern and minimalist space.

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Loft beds are also when they are good when they meet. This most money can be used in the face of a fantastic and foods and hobbies. Your daughter or son reflects. A bed with the original design of a fire engine or police car can make the heart of your offspring higher and especially useful.

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If you make the nursery modern, it would not be a bad thing to keep in mind that the beautiful and cozy nursery is quickly turning into a teenager’s space. Not only the preferences of your child change in this stage of life, but also the demands on your own room. At this age, the adolescents are retiring from their own family and prefer to spend time with their peers.

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It is all the more important now, to make the former nursery something creative and modern, so that the teens feel comfortable and secure. The children are happy to visit friends at this time, with whom they share and discuss the impressions and events of bygone days.

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To make sure that the adolescents feel self-confident and really grown-up in their own four walls, you can add a modern touch to the room with nice bedding, cozy blankets and several throw pillows. When planning and redesigning, you should always include your child, as the children know better what is currently in and hot.

Wheels everywhere! Scandinavian style kids room by selinej on Instagram

Depending on whether you want to create a romantic girl’s room, a noble and simple youth room or a stylish boy’s room should be created, there are a variety of furniture in various designs that create the desired ambience. In the above example, the practical shelves bring a beautiful girlish flair in a pleasant pink.

Lese- und Kuschelecke im Kinderzimmer mit Vallentuna Sofa von Ikea

Give the nursery modern touch, you can also with the appropriate lighting. The children have to learn in this room and do their homework every day, which is why sufficient and warm lighting is very important. In the evenings and under cloudy skies, the nursery lighting makes the room cozy.

Depending on the age of the child, the lighting in the nursery is subject to very different demands. Install a lamp on the ceiling for the basic lighting. If you want to provide soft lighting, lanterns can provide a peaceful night’s sleep. The design may correspond entirely to your own wishes. Sun, footballs or animal figures also conjure up great pictures on the wall.

15 Kids Room Decorating Ideas

A cozy and warm atmosphere creates carpets on the floor. They are a fluffy playing surface and serve in the same time as soundproofing. In the trade you will find beautiful models with different designs that fascinate the children. In the modern children’s area undoubtedly include the so-called play carpets that are included in the game itself.


Shuttles, animals, geometric figures, hearts or zigzag lines, the selection is huge and offers the right carpet for every taste. The color of the floor covering can reflect the colors of the rest of the furnishings or even set beautiful accents and create great contrasts. In this children’s room, they have chosen a lawn-green carpet, which brings nature back in and undoubtedly creates a unique, inviting and modern nursery.

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