Modern pictures for the living room – 20 design ideas and tips

In each living room, on average, a picture hangs. It should be related to the decor and style of living. Images for living rooms, whether abstract, modern or with natural landscapes, become the center of the room and provide a cozy atmosphere. Selected according to individual preference, they reveal much about the personality that inhabits the house.

You have renovated and refurbished your living room, but you are still missing something? Many people underestimate the importance of decoration in this area of the home. In fact, it is the case that a decoration and, above all, a wall decoration gives your living room furniture the finishing touch. Living room pictures are a nice complement to the interior and provide atmosphere and coziness in the room. They can be adapted to any style of furnishing and can either be tonal in tone with it, or form beautiful contrasts to it.

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Naturally, modern art pictures also fit in with the modern style of living. If in the room design is set on the contrast between the different elements, it makes sense to make this style synonymous with the images in the living room comprehensible. Emphasize the most beautiful corner in the room with a large-format painting, for example when you hang over the couch with a dark upholstery an artistic image in dominant light nuances. For such a wall design bright, plain walls are best.

The Crisp Street Apartment was designed by Mim Design and the living room’s neutral, modern decor is topped off with a beautiful, abstract painting in both bold and muted colors.

An art portrait created personally for the host, deserves the honored place in the center of the house – just in the living room. An art picture of this kind provides, like no other, for a unique feeling of living and a unique room atmosphere. If you have high ceilings or simply more room in the room, then have a large-format portrait. The portrait image can be both very detailed and abstract. If you design a modern living room and look for suitable ideas for the murals, then abstract portraits are better suited than photorealistic ones.

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In the minimalist interior, which is sparing in terms of colors, especially monochrome in black and white, it is possible to make room for one or the other mural. If decoration and home accessories are missing, it may happen that the apartment or the room looks bald and sterile. In such an environment, black and white or art photography quickly becomes the visual focal point. For such a device should be the living room pictures. The decision depends on your preferences for the interior design.

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Living in a mix of styles is currently a big trend, but it can quickly become chaotic. Images for living rooms are part of this look and serve as a good medium to achieve a balance in the interior design. An eclectic living room image should have its own style and be clearly different from the rest of the decor. To match strong colors quite well. In addition, it is recommended to place at least one other element in the same style or color in the room so that the decor looks coordinated.

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Accent walls are a living trend that invigorates the interior and makes it look more modern. Through a wall, painted differently to the base color, the viewer’s attention is drawn exactly to this place. Combined with a mural that includes the color of the wall painting, the accent wall becomes a desired style element. Beautiful pictures for the living room with an accent wall create a striking yet unobtrusive contrast. You can see a good example in the picture above. Here the modern mural in blue contrasts with the accentuating wall in red.


When designing an eclectic room, you should not miss wall paintings and artistic elements. Rich in structures, patterns and home accessories, this look is an example of how items of different origin can harmonize wonderfully together. The pictures for the living room should therefore not necessarily be canvas pictures, but can also have different structures and be made of various materials. Combinations of some small murals look especially nice. These can together form a beautiful motif or follow all the same pattern. Whether a vertical or horizontal arrangement depends on the available area on the wall.

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Mid-century living style is very popular today. The furniture of this era are called time classics and stand for style, class and taste. Very comfortable are the comfortable seating furniture, characterized by a simple design language and soft upholstery. If you choose a picture for living rooms in this style, note that they are dominated by interior colors. Since many mid-century apartments have a fireplace in the living area, the area above the fireplace is perfect for a mural. This may correspond to the width of the chimney, or may be slightly wider. In this way you put the picture in the center and you immediately focus on it. Matching images to this style of living are copies of famous paintings or abstract images with a profound character.


Chic furniture, which are referred to as design classics, can be due to their simple design and high-quality execution successfully put together with artwork of all kinds. To achieve a stylish and tasteful appearance, you harmonize the different elements in color. For apartments with a high ceiling, where the walls are also very high, XXL living room pictures are excellent. A small picture would quickly be lost in such an interior. Great pictures for the living room can complement the wall in a successful way.


For industrial style and loft apartment, the high ceilings and spacious rooms are characteristic features. These include concrete walls and floors, rough surfaces and furniture with a simple design language. All together provides excellent conditions for a large-format image or even several that will enliven the room and also give it individuality. If you are planning more than one mural for the loft apartment, then we recommend vertical pictures that are narrow and tall. These can spice up any simple wall and give the living room the finishing touch.

Because the entry is shared with the formal living room, I like the idea of adding some kind of floor to ceiling wall paneling, if possible. I want it to feel a little more elegant and fresh... and not a place were you dump all your shoes/coats/packages when you walk in which is what's going on currently.

In addition to artistic images for the living room, art photography is also a great way to bring personal freshness into the room. Especially in a modern apartment, where simple furniture and a laid-back atmosphere are in demand, large-format photos with a special artistic value in a beautiful setting are the better choice. Contemporary art blends perfectly into the modern interior design and creates beautiful accents. Black and white pictures for the living room in a modern style can be hung on the wall, but can also be placed on the floor or a side table and lean against the wall.

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Setting up a portrait of a celebrity in the living room indicates an individual preference for that person. Painting, artistic drawing or symbolic image of a person we all know is a non-verbal medium of expressing interest in a particular area. This can be your role model, or just a person who inspires you. The portraits of successful personalities in the living room are considered as a daily source of motivation and are therefore perfect for people who constantly pursue their goals.

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If you are a real connoisseur and lover of the art of a painter or artist, then do not hesitate and choose a high resolution picture of it. Online, you can order high-quality prints on canvas or photo paper in individually specified dimensions. Colored canvas paintings for living rooms present a beautiful color accent for the room. These can be adapted to the already available furniture, or supplement the furniture with some matching home accessories later.

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If you’re a true art connoisseur and a passionate collector of artwork, you can tastefully present all of your gorgeous collectibles in your own home. But this requires the support of an experienced interior designer or outfitter. The living room in the picture serves as a real enrichment to how an ambitious project like this has succeeded. Not only modern images for living rooms are used, but also different works of art with different designs and interesting structures. Another important point in such a living room design is the lighting. If you want to put stylish murals and original artworks in scene, then you need matching lights. Ceiling or wall sconces that can be aimed directly at the images are best suited for this purpose.

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If a large wall in the apartment is bare, it can result in a stylish picture wall. To make one like this in the picture, we recommend to use picture frames with the same profile. The images that you will insert in it should also be very similar to each other. Opt for black-and-white drawings or shots so the wall design does not look chaotic. Glass pictures for living rooms are a great idea for creating a picture wall, because they can be combined well with each other. With several pictures in different sizes, which create a kind of puzzle, a creative wall design can be created.

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In a living room, which is designed essentially monochrome, you can present several murals stylish. A few equally sized images that can be designed as a di-, tri- or ptychton on the wall. For example, images are off. For all of them, choose the same frames and arrange them with the same distance. A wall design with different images gives the structure structure and serves as an aesthetic centerpiece. But you should have a whole wall free. The wall should also decorate with no other elements. So the pictures for living rooms are the focus.

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For a traditionally furnished living room, the color harmony between upholstery of furniture, wall paint and decoration is a must. Murals are among the decorative design elements and as such should be tailored to the rest of the facility. Choose these in related colors to those that dominate in interior design. Always prefer bright before dark and thus refresh the living ambience tastefully. You can see a nice example in the picture above. The colorful decor in this living room is complemented by two canvas prints in various sizes. These are perfectly adapted to the colors of the decor and harmonize perfectly with it. A beautiful living room picture decorates the area above the fireplace, with a second, smaller embellished area above the dresser. With this wall decoration, the living room furniture can nicely round off.

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Natural landscapes are very popular and perfect wall decoration for a living room furnished in traditional style. If you want to place the mural over the couch as usual, pay attention to the proportions of the furniture, so that a connection between them arises. Natural landscapes that depict a forest, the sea, a green field with flowers or a mountain range, invite nature into your home and have a very calming effect in the interior. They offer a modern alternative to the photo wallpaper and are less intrusive. Very nice are the large murals depicting a panorama. However, you must make sure that the colors of the picture harmonize with the wall color.

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The image for the living room can be replaced by a beautiful mirror with an elaborate frame. Place it in the design center of the room, for example on the mantelpiece, and ensure perfect symmetry in the living space. The frame can be adapted to the interior to accentuate the furniture and colors used. Another function that the mirror has in the living room is the optical enlargement of the room. The wider the mirror, the larger the living area looks. This interior design idea is particularly well suited for small spaces that need more depth.

Masking tape is a great way to quickly, cheaply and easily add a bit of ‘pop’ to your walls. It’s really handy if you rent your property or even if you just like to change your art work regularly. We had an expanse of beautiful white wall that was just asking for some monochrome tape action.

Instead of hanging artistic pictures on the wall, you can transform them into a real work of art. Creativity, imagination and lots of wall colors are in demand here. For example, with the help of a painter’s crepe, you can paint perfect lines on the wall and create pretty patterns. If you have an artistic talent, you can also paint more elaborate pictures in the living room with brushes and colors. In this way, every simple wall can be embellished and made unique.

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