Minimalist furnishings – 20+ modern living rooms with reduced design

Who dreams of a living room that is a successful mix of modernity and cosiness and is characterized by simplicity, elegance and reduced decoration, can furnish his living room minimalist. The minimalist decor is both functional and inviting, and pairs colors and clean lines in a beautiful way. Get inspiration from the following picture gallery for the minimalist style of living and see new and original ideas and examples of minimalist living.

If you want your living room to have a minimalist make-over, you need to familiarize yourself with the subject. In other words, the minimalist living is focused on the less possessing, of course, the room can not look drab and empty. Setting up in a minimalistic way does not mean that the rooms are abandoned and not becoming personal.

10 Minimalist Living Rooms to Make You Swoon

As with any other style of living, functional and comfortable furnishing is one of the most important elements in decorating every room. Minimalist furniture is characterized by clear and clean lines and friendly, mostly bright colors. The bright colors make your living room look inviting and transparent. In a minimalist setting, the couch is perhaps the most important piece of furniture.


The colors of white, over cream, beige and brown up to the gray tones, fit perfectly into the minimalistic living style and make the couch as component of the equipment to the heart of the room. Of course, you can complement and relax the discreet basic color with accents and contrasting colors. The rest of the furniture, such as the coffee table, dresser or cabinet, should also be kept in the light tones.

The minimalist style deliberately avoids unnecessary objects, which is why the decoration is not the classic furnishing style equate. The focus is on a few deliberately placed decorative items, creating free surfaces. The large chest of drawers remains free of various deco figures and accessories and exudes calm and serenity for residents and visitors.


Another requirement for the desired minimalist look is the free floor. As for the floor covering, you can opt for both a warm parquet floor and chic and elegant tiles. Of course, if the floor is too bare, you do not have to do without a rug or carpet, but they should also be light colored.

Spacious & relaxed living room

If the minimalist style pursued, find on the floor no other home accessories space, except those that have a function. A beautiful magazine rack or a basket for firewood does not harm the minimalist interior. If you set up a minimalist setting, you can add some potted plants to the interior and bring vibrancy to the room.

I love light colored sofas.

The walls in the minimalist decor are also marked by the reduced design. The bright and friendly colors that characterize the minimalism are also used in the wall design. If you want to live minimalist, you should either do without wall decoration or use pictures and other wall decorations only to a limited extent.

If you want to put a beautiful picture in the limelight, you should once again access colors that remain true to the style. To enjoy the intentional emptiness of the walls, avoid large and beautiful picture frames. These will disturb the unanimous arrangement. Mirrors in the living area should also be arranged. Decorate with style in this style of living and let your thoughts and imagination wander through the open spaces.

10 Minimalist Living Rooms to Make You Swoon

Setting up minimalist in one’s own home does not mean, as you have already seen, giving priority to monotony. If you add some dynamics and depth to the minimalist style, you can use textures and fabrics, creating a unique ambiance that keeps you true to minimalism.



Take a look at the example above! Here wood with visible grain was combined with noble, beige leather. The modern, straight-lined couch and the extraordinary wooden coffee table harmonize in a perfect way. You are welcome to play with other materials and handy fabrics and create a unique, minimalist décor.

64 Wonderful Minimalist Living Room Decor Ideas

Who wants to live minimalist and strives for a completely realized style, must not forget the window decoration. Lush and patterned curtains are definitely out of place here and would miss the desired space feeling. With plain, smooth curtains in natural colors, gray or white you are perfectly right and can enjoy your privacy whenever you want.

Watercolour Living Room

Here are the words not from disposal, but from storage and stowage. The deco accessories that do not fit the new style can be stored in the basement or in the attic. Of course you can keep clothes or other items that are often in use in the room.

cozy and clean

Closed cabinet fronts in the color of the walls blend perfectly with the minimalist decor, leaving a simple and tidy impression. The wall design and thus the overall picture of the room are not interrupted. Open shelves are not a good solution in a reduced living room.

Mirror Inspo: Giant body mirror. Place opposite of window and interior feels larger

Although setting up a minimalist by definition means limiting oneself to subtle colors, that does not mean that a touch of color will harm the modern, minimalist decor. On the contrary, you can set wonderful accents in the living area with colored cushions or upholstery. An exceptional piece of furniture is also not out of place and conjures a unique and creative minimalist decor.

Playful and intrusive details in the modern, reduced living room are, as already mentioned, to avoid. But when you let different shapes and materials work in an almost random compilation, you will undoubtedly create a contemporary living room decor with a very special appeal.

The implementation of the minimalist living style is relatively simple, because every piece of furniture is self-evident. For a successful overall picture, however, it is very important to consistently implement this style of furnishing. Otherwise, the desired room effect can be omitted.

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64 Wonderful Minimalist Living Room Decor Ideas

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