Living Sustainably in the Rock – An Eco-Friendly Project in California

The architecture studio Malka Architecture has taken another step towards an eco-friendly architecture that has designed a house in the rock. The project is located in Point Mugu, California, where the porosities of the rocks are to be transformed into an innovative home. In such a house you can live in a living experience and achieve the optimum temperature without heating and ventilation.

The venture profits by the current geology of the site and is totally worked from local materials. Because of the natural task, a reasonable house with no negative effect on the earth and a sinking with the stones, their vegetation and temperature changes. The plan of the house epitomizes an arrival to the starting points of engineering, which has a solid association with the common components.

For the development of the house, particularly those materials ought to be utilized that can be found nearby. The lightweight design of the task comprises of an exceptional solid that has a low concrete substance and subsequently decreases CO2 outflows and the natural impression by around 28 times.

The house is worked with just a couple of allotments and the stone decides the inside outline in the inside. The continuous mountain with the related plant world extends in each room and makes a characteristic feeling in the inside. The all encompassing windows offer a beguiling perspective of the sea and let the light and daylight into the house.


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