Kitchen in Pastel: Living and furnishing in pastel colors

In many households, the kitchen is the linchpin for the whole family and you should feel comfortable. So the area becomes friendly, landing and not last resort practically furnished. Pastel tones create a good mood and conjure up a fresh, lively atmosphere, which is especially appreciated in the morning when drinking coffee. Due to the high white content, all pastel shades are very well suited for small kitchens and provide a light living feeling. A kitchen in pastel looks stylish and cool, and brings a fresh breeze in the apartment.

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Sweet pastel colors are deliciously fresh and it’s no surprise that they’re currently in fashion. Especially for the Scandinavian style, they are indispensable and can lend even the smallest room a pastel-colored radiance. Delicate candy tones are light, airy and unobtrusive, and blend well with wood and non-colors. For kitchen furnishings, mint green, baby blue and pastel pink are especially good.

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In the 50s, 60s and 70s, a pastel kitchen was often seen. Candy colors, bright accents and organic shapes made for an effective look. Today, pastel colors celebrate their big comeback in a milder version and are widely used in every design area from clothing to furniture design. Influenced by the retro style, kitchen appliances are also produced in retro design, which change the everyday life.

The Pimlico Kitchen by deVOL with beautiful oiled Prime oak worktops

They are best served with harmonic, balanced and not exaggerated “sugary sweet”. Thus, the lower and upper kitchen fronts can be designed in two colors or you can choose a different shade for the worktop and kitchen wall.



Pastel shades, whether cool or warm, combined with wood are in the kitchen trend. Modern look conjure up especially the light wood species such as beech, oak or ahrone. Since the kitchen accessories and textiles can turn out something stronger. Especially in the Scandinavian design you can often see the combination of powdery tones and natural wood look. For country house charm provide in contrast to wood species such as cherry or pear.

II copper and pink II


The best way to mix the nuances of a color. Through different color gradations in the form of home accessories or furniture, the pastel trend in the home can be best implemented. You can also bring subtle details of other exotic-looking materials such as brass, steel or ceramics.


Currently, a modern kitchen in pastel is kept simple and simple. On the border between minimalist and Scandinavian living style, a kitchen in pastel is a real eye-catcher. However, there are no effective accents, such as lights and cupboard handles, which lend a special touch.

‘Pride of Place’ – T&G Woodware’s vintage ceramic collection in Old Cream and Old Green

For fans of minimalist style and charming kitchen accessories. In conjunction with white kitchen furniture is an accent of the pastel color itself. Often high quality and noble materials such as marble, granite, stainless steel and etc. are used. The ideal surfaces and the handy kitchen fronts bring out the mint green perfectly and the combination of different looks.

Oh Happy Day Studio Tour: The Kitchen

Mintgreen is perhaps just the right choice, transforming itself into a harmonious ambience in the kitchen, but do not want to do any experiments with the kitchen equipment. The color is not conspicuous and at the same time conjures up a unique atmosphere. Generally gilded green as soothing and mixed with white ensures a good mood. This is matched very well by the stainless steel surfaces of the electrical appliances. It is advisable to opt for a glamorous look.

Soon you can replace your IKEA kitchen fronts with sustainable FSC certified solid wood fronts from…"

Blue gilded as a cool color and is rarely seen in the kitchen. The milder version is cool, but the kitchen design still needs a cozy touch. Wood and valuable metals such as brass or copper provide more comfort in every area.


Very popular in the last years. Models with gleaming kitchen fronts in pastel shades combine the two current trends in one. This is matched by indirect lighting, the edge, minimalist design.

Farmhouse table and chairs

Not everything is black or white at Industrial. Soft shades of baby blue, mint green, even soft pink can be laid harmoniously next to each other like steel, concrete and natural wood put together.


For the cool nuances of pastel shades you should not miss warm accents. So you combine a modern kitchen furniture in light blue with honey-colored plank wood and wooden furniture.

Unlike blue, Cremé, Beige and the trendy Camel color are naturally warm nuances. These are combined with neutral colors such as white or gray, creating a balanced ambience.

When combining different pastel shades, which have the same amount of white, so that they look harmonious. In addition, it is advisable not to combine more than two colors. So you want more as a pastel color in the kitchen, you should consider the two nuances very well and choose them precisely.

Contrary to the opinion that the pastel colors are difficult to mix, this is exactly the opposite of the design of the floor in this modern kitchen. The lower kitchen fronts are designed in a very delicate mint tone and the upper – partly in bright maple look. The flooring is a very playful design with the trendy geometric shapes. Triangle pattern predominantly in white, but with different elements in different nuances serves excellently as a connecting element.

Home of Stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg

Even without renewing the kitchen, it can get a new, trendy appearance. In the best case, the kitchen has white or bright kitchen fronts and a monochrome worktop. Then there are the ideal conditions to transform the kitchen into pastel. Simply by painting the kitchen wall, she gets a whole new face. The kitchen tiles can be dyed with special color as well.

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If you do not opt for kitchen fronts in pastel colors right away, you will be able to stand up for the pastel trend and achieve a similar effect through decoration, kitchen accessories and, if necessary, kitchen appliances with retro design. You can already combine several different pastel shades.

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