Kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling create more storage space in the kitchen

If the kitchen is small, often the available storage space for all kitchen utensils and utensils is simply not enough. Then you start to stow everything else on the worktops and so will the work space ever scarce. So if you want to create more order in the kitchen, then you should think about the planning of enough kitchen cabinets. A possible variant to maximize the available space, represent kitchen cabinets at ceiling height dar. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the high wall cabinets for the kitchen and which variants there are, see the article.

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The wall units are a typical choice for the kitchen, because they are practical and provide a good overview. There, especially dishes, food and the less used kitchen appliances are stowed. If you only have a small kitchen, it makes sense only to take advantage of the entire room height, and plan wall units to below the ceiling. Often, however, creates a distance of about 40-50 centimeters between the wall cabinets and the ceiling, which usually remains unused.

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The reason for this often lies in the fact that one finds this height impractical because it is out of reach. However, if the distance between the closet and the ceiling remains unused, dust will accumulate there that will not be noticed. This has a negative effect on the air quality in the room and should be wiped regularly.

Tall wall cabinets with pull out draws for storage

At this point, the floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets emerge, transforming the otherwise useless distance into a convenient storage space. Even in larger kitchens, this solution can be beneficial, especially if you are a passionate amateur cook and need more space in the kitchen.

The variants for wall units at ceiling height are two: Either high wall units with several shelves order, or simply a second row over the first hang. We find the upper cabinets in rows of two easier to understand because they are easier to use and create a new sense of space.

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In addition to their practical function, the floor-to-ceiling kitchen wall cabinets can still influence the look of the entire room. You can use different door handles and achieve interesting color accents.

A great visual effect can be achieved if you decide on two rows of wall units, the lower one is slightly set back and possibly has a different color. In this way, the cabinets on this row are even more easily accessible and are thus perfect for the most commonly used items and food.

Aging Gracefully: Cabinetry Cabinet panels provide creative cover-ups, concealing the built-in refrigerator (shown here) and dishwasher. Cabinetry to the left of the fridge conceals a microwave and other small appliances. Furniture-style feet at the base of the cabinets recall kitchens of the pas

If you set the kitchen cabinets in scene, then the combination of showcases and cabinets is a suitable solution. The glass doors of the showcases convey a sense of perspective and facilitate the search for the right utensils. However, these are always well cleaned up.


Like any other thing, the kitchen cabinets have their advantages and disadvantages up to the ceiling. In the following, we would like to summarize the arguments that speak for and against.

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The biggest advantage of the floor-to-ceiling cupboards for the kitchen is the additional storage space. This benefits most of all the very small kitchens, in which usually only little storage space is available. With the two rows, it is usually doubled and the storage space problem is solved.

White countertops have been on the hot list for awhile now, especially in the realm of high-end kitchens. People are mad-loving on carrara marble, white(ish) granite choices, and the white flavors …

The more kitchen cabinets you have available, the better overview you get when looking for something. An important prerequisite for this, however, is that the cabinets are well organized and tidy.

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The kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling create a new sense of space and change the look of the room. This is how the kitchen looks completely and you can still play with light and colors to set great accents

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The typical height of the ceiling is between 2.50 and 2.60 meters, which speaks for a poor accessibility of the upper kitchen cabinets. You usually need help, such as a ladder or step stool to get the items from the very high shelves. The same problem also exists when cleaning the upper cabinet areas.

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A very small kitchen can be crowded with floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets. Here too, the choice of colors and the design of the cabinets play a decisive role and can greatly influence the aesthetics of the room. In addition, one should expect for two rows of wall cabinets, of course, with a higher price.

9 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look More Expensive via @domainehome

If you opt for kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling, then you should somehow deal with the problem of poor accessibility. A tool to reach the upper cabinets should definitely be considered, otherwise the additional storage space will remain unused.

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A cool furnishing idea for the case, the sliding ladders on rail, which we know from the libraries. So you can easily reach the top cabinets and clean up or clean. In addition, a library looks in the kitchen and sets a great accent. An alternative to this are the ladders, which can be found in every hardware store.

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Kitchen cabinets without hndles are considered the modern solution for the kitchen. They are clean, stylish and set the design of the kitchen successfully in scene. If these still reach to the ceiling, then the room height of the room is accentuated and the whole room is given a modern flair. The area above the fridge can also provide additional storage space in the kitchen, as shown in the example above. But the wall cabinets should be made to measure, so that they fit perfectly into the available space.

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If you want to modernize the kitchen cupboards to the ceiling, you can opt for a room design with color. Colored kitchen fronts are very atmospheric and set playful accents in every kitchen. So that the room is not too boring, color combinations of different nuances of the same color can be used.

Love the cabinets/kitchen but not green cabinets...grayish tones for me

Often one still asks the question of whether one could actually keep in the very high kitchen cupboards? In it fit the most beautiful items that man rarely needs. Examples include the festive porcelain, tablecloths and utensils for special holidays and less used small kitchen appliances.

spacious yet cozy kitchen with stainless steel appliances and cute little breakfast bar.

"Small Ikea kitchens drive me crazy, but six kitchens' worth of Ikea cabinets can be made into something beautiful," Dunbar says. Staggered by width, the cabinets have exposed kick-plate gaps for storing CDs. The easy-to-assemble cabinets cost $12,000, which is about a tenth of the price of custom storage units.  Photo by Justin Fantl.


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