Gourgeus Gray furniture for an elegant, monochrome decor in modern style

Gray is undoubtedly a color that plays an important role for modern and minimalist interiors. Although it is not a duty, it underlines the flair of the modern flair and also allows discreet accents of any color. In the apartment that we would like to show you, gray furniture with green accents, which is partly also represented by plants, were combined. Look at the gallery to get an insight into all the rooms.
Let’s start with these attractive living room ideas in gray. The corner sofa is equipped with green sofas, while the lounge chair next to a gray part also has a green upholstery. The living room colors are however not only determined by gray furniture. The walls are also decorated in this elegant and neutral color, while bright natural stone has been chosen for the floor.

A cozy seating area is also available in the study, which also has a simple desk. Gray furniture is again an important feature here. In the study the color scheme of the living room for the seating area was repeated. A smaller gray sofa was again decorated with green cushions. In addition, there is a lush plant, which decorates the area by the window.

In the same way the colors are repeated in the rest of the apartment, which includes not only the open kitchen with dining area, but also the bedroom. An exception is the bathroom, where the gray walls are complemented not by gray furniture, but by white. An interesting property of the apartment is also the open design, which affects not only living room and kitchen. Even the bedroom and the bathroom were open and are only separated by a room divider.