Fabulous inside and vintage wall decoration – An apartment in Brazil

Modern interior staircases are not only suitable for large apartments and villas. The designers from the AMBIDESTRO Brazilian architecture studio have designed a beautiful apartment in eclectic style in Porto Alegre, Brazil, which impresses with an elegant spiral staircase. The wooden walls and the creative wall decoration are further visual highlights in the interior and create a special atmosphere.

A modern spindeltreppe can give each room a special touch and brings a space saving solution for the small apartment. The steps circle around the center column and occupy only a little space in the room. The compact design and the elegant design of the spindeltreppe fit perfectly in this apartment in Brazil. The stylish apartment is designed with an open living room, which combines living room and dining area and has a beautiful mix of modern, natural, oriental and vintage elements.
The interior design of the apartment has several elements of different styles. The interior has a modern design and harmonizes with the modern sofa in gray. In contrast, the beautiful accent wall behind it, which is designed from several vintage plates. Oriental carpets in the dining and living areas give the living space a Moroccan flair. Wooden walls and cabinets dahingegen provide a natural touch in the interior and are complemented by a creative wall decor of wood.