Electric garage door – 12 ideas for an attractive garage

The garage door is an important element of the house facade. It not only serves to safely close the garage, but should also be optically attractive and adapt to the rest of the house. Particularly practical is an electric garage door, which can be opened and closed by remote control. We would like to introduce you to some of the designs of such garage doors, which should inspire you. Choose between goals that create a contrast and those that do not even notice at all.
This garage door from D’Arcy Jones Architecture consists of bright wooden slats that create a modern garage. An electric garage door can be made of any materials. In this way, you can customize it perfectly to the style of the house.
In order to open an electric garage door in the event of a power failure, a battery is often installed. Solar systems for electric garage doors, in turn, help save energy. What is best for you, you must decide. At the top, you see a variant of three goals from David Jameson Architect.
Old-fashioned wood was used in this example by Christopher Simmonds Architects not only for an electric garage door. Dieselben panels adorn the walls of the garage, as well as the facade of the second floor of the house. In combination with the white facade of the ground floor, a very elegant look is created for the entire house.
An electric garage door can also be installed in the form of a sliding door. If you prefer a mechanical variant, this is your decision. This pretty design by Guilherme Torres consists of dark lacquered, horizontal wooden boards, framed by a white garage.
As with the variant for an electric garage door made of old wood, this garage was adapted with its material and design of the house facade. The garage door is hardly visible. An attractive lighting highlights it as well. The idea comes from Feldman Architecture.
It is artistic at this garage door. It consists of steel panels, which are interrupted by a grid design and thus create a pretty pattern. The Edelrost optics also represent an attractive contrast to the gray garage. Millers Design used the steel for an electric garage door.
The dark, vertical wooden doors are adapted to the façade of the house. A modern house design is created, which already provides for comfortable living in the driveway. The doors are combined with white walls and a bright driveway. Wood for an electric garage door was designed by BVN Architecture.
If you want to have an electric garage door that does not look like, then it should have the same surface and the same design as the rest of the ground floor of your home. This applies, of course, in the event that your garage is in the house. This design is by the architect Wannenmacher + Möeller GmbH.