Dining room furnished in a modern style – 15+ living ideas and interior design tips

If you are planning to renovate your home or set up your new home, then you should also pay enough attention to the dining room. In this area not only is eaten, but also valuable time spent with family and friends. Therefore, the dining area should be comfortably furnished and invite you to linger. Whether it’s a large dining room or just a small dining area in the kitchen, you’ll find plenty of ideas and useful tips on how to set up a modern dining room. Be inspired and create a space where you can enjoy every meal!

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The dining room together with the living room are undoubtedly the social hub in every apartment. In these rooms, you gather with friends and family members to enjoy a meal together or talk about the past day. Therefore, modern dining rooms are located in an open plan living area, which usually still includes the living room and the kitchen. What should you pay attention to when setting up a modern dining room and learn more about the latest trends in the following.

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Whether you set up the living room, bedroom or dining room, you should determine the color palette and the overall design of the room in advance. These two elements play a vital role in the selection of furniture, lighting and decoration. Very modern in the interior seem combinations of monochrome tones, neutral colors and natural materials. The latest furnishing trends in the popular Scandinavian style focus on cheeky combinations of pastel shades and ensure a modern, yet playful interior design.

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The modern furnishing style can be complemented by the popular industrial style, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. Unpainted walls and ceilings made of concrete or brick in combination with lights with long cables and rough materials are currently in the trend and give the living room a contemporary flair.

Where do the latest home decor trends come from?

At present, another trend can be observed that combines the rustic with the modern style of furnishing. This successful mix fits perfectly in the dining room and creates a special living feeling. Here, rustic elements such as wooden beams on the ceiling or a rustic dining table can be merged with modern ones, for example chairs or pendant lamps. The result is a fascinating interior design that refines the modern interior.

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The next step in the design of the dining room is the choice of flooring and the design of the walls. Since hygiene is of great importance in the dining area, easy-care floor coverings are recommended. Among them are stone for a cool ambience and wood for a warm atmosphere. Terrazzo for walls and floors is currently in vogue and is just as perfect for this area.

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In order to make the room more comfortable, you should not necessarily lay wood or a carpet. With a matching carpet under the dining table, you can instantly create a cozy atmosphere in the dining room and at the same time ensure a visual separation of the individual areas in the open living space.

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For a modern wall design, those are particularly suitable, which fit harmoniously into the modern interior. Decorative wall panels are also popular as accents in the room, allowing you to set up a playful dining room. If you have a TV, you can watch it yourself.

Upon entering the home, you feel the minimal simplicity throughout the space. There are lots of natural colors, organic forms and simple Scandinavian style.

If you set up the dining room, then the choice of furniture is in the foreground. When setting up a room, it is always advisable to start with the biggest furniture. In the dining area is the dining table. Currently, huge wooden dining tables are all the rage and perfect for both large kitchens and separate dining rooms

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A modern dining area is usually characterized by a minimalist design that is interrupted by small highlights and accents. For a modern and eye-catching room design, you can set beautiful accents in the room with furniture, such as the dining room chairs. Whether a contrasting color or an original design is up to you.

If there are wall niches in the room, you can change them and make them cozy corners. This is a good decision, especially in a small living room, because the niche is perfect for a bench by the dining table.

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A dining room sofa is also a nice furnishing idea for the dining area and ensures more comfort during the meal. However, you should make sure that the sofa is high enough so that you can sit comfortably at the table. This dining room design fits perfectly with small spaces where the dining area is to be placed in a corner.


The right lighting contributes to a pleasant room atmosphere and should by no means be neglected. Even if you set up the dining room, you should give the necessary attention to the choice of lights. In an open room, the basic lighting is not sufficient for all areas, but only for orientation. Therefore, you should not miss beautiful pendant lights above the dining table. For a warm white light is best, which gives a cozy atmosphere in the room.

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The choice of the right hanging lamp depends basically on the size of the table. Several pendant lights are a perfect match for long, rectangular tables, but are often used as a decorative accent over a smaller table. This year hanging lamps made of colored glass or copper, as well as with long and colorful cables are the trend and are a must for the modern apartment.

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Experts in lighting recommend a distance between the pendant lamp and the table of 60 to 70 centimeters. This is optimal for illuminating the dining table without disturbing the communication with the counterpart. Another variant for the modern lighting in the dining room is an oversized hanging lamp with a striking design. However, this should be large enough to illuminate the whole dining table.

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The interior of the dining room can be completed with a matching chest of drawers or the sideboard. This provides valuable storage space near the table, which can be particularly practical. There you can store dishes, table linen and other items that you need to cover the dining table.

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