Designer side table by Vitsœ – Reintroduction of great furniture ideas

Innovative ideas for furnishings can add an interesting touch to the apartment and provide for your own comfort. This designer side table is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment, which leads to an elegant look.
The British furniture brand Vitsœ wanted to reintroduce this beautiful designer plastic side table. The original design of this side table was designed in 1962 by the German industrial designer Dieter Rams. The side table 621 achieves the practical and aesthetic properties of the plastic. Rams constantly encouraged the use of the material, which is evident in his products and described it as “noble and durable”. In the 1980s, the piece of furniture was taken out of production and later returned to the market with a structural stiffness. Two different sizes are available to buyers. Just buy the one, or the two sizes and add to the interior of the apartment – that is up to you and your needs.
The side tables are available in white or black and the hand-painted surfaces point to durability and antistatic properties. Ram makes some improvements by extending the look and functionality of the new versions with adjustable feet, which is an advantage in uneven surfaces. The creative design of the side table allows further possibilities for use. You just have to turn the designer side table to the side so that one end slips under the sofa or chair and the other end becomes the table surface. Many of Dieter Rams furniture ideas were reprinted by Vitsœ.