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If you want to feel comfortable and secure in your own home and strive for the natural and homely, you can achieve the desired atmosphere with the furnishings in your apartment. In today’s article, we have put together ideas for bedrooms in the country house style, which score with great looks, warmth and comfort and leave nothing to be desired. Whether large or small, rustic or modern, in the following image gallery you will find country-style bedrooms that match your individual style of living. Be inspired by the multi-faceted country house style!


If you furnish your bedroom in the country house style, create a relaxed atmosphere and bring a piece of nature into your apartment. This style of living is natural, cozy and idyllic. The rural interior in your own four walls has many facets and convinces with many country house styles, which offer something for every taste. Whether you are inspired by French, English, American, Scandinavian or Tuscan style, this style of living will ensure a restful sleep and a cozy retreat.

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Regardless of room size, the centerpiece of each country-style bedroom is an opulent bed. Beds made of solid wood or decorated with beautiful carvings, contribute to the particularly homely atmosphere and set playful accents in the room. The bed and the other country-style pieces of furniture are true works of art that make up this unique style. A country-style bedroom can shine in both light and dark colors, but the decor never forgoes wood. Namely, this material radiates warmth and security.

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As the following interior design examples of country-style bedrooms show, the cushy beds and plush bedspreads are inviting to relax, offering the option of a leisurely breakfast in the fat or for a warm, extended reading night. In addition to the wooden furniture, the rustic or modern country-style bedroom also includes home textiles with discreet or playful floral patterns. The floral motifs on the pillowcases or blankets are a great deco idea and transform your comfortable bed into a sunny flower meadow.

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If you want to decorate the bedroom in a country style, you can easily do that with subtle splashes of color or traditional patterns. Stripes on textiles or perhaps small-scale check patterns conjure up a new spatial effect in an instant and remain true to the chosen style of living. For the Landhausdeko color combinations such as red and white or blue and white are typical. The wood and beige tones are a matter of course for this style of living, but you are welcome to add color accents in a bold dark blue, green or delicate pink. Of course, anything you like is allowed. But do not exaggerate with restless patterns and too many colors, since in the end this room is supposed to serve rest and tranquility.

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Semi-transparent, floor-length curtains around the windows in the sleeping area bring additional security into the room. To ensure a restful sleep, you can also choose heavy curtains, as they darken the room better. Adjust the color of the curtains with the wall color in the bedroom. Brass curtain poles, whose ends are slightly squiggled, fit perfectly into the country style.

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Regarding the decoration in the country-style bedroom, you can use a few scented candles to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, as well as bring some splashes of color into the room. Rosettes with different ornaments and patterns on the wall also look great. Another deco idea that influences the whole room ambience would be to put pictures on the walls. In a typical country house bedroom, you can see pictures depicting landscapes, roses or hydrangeas.

Traditional motifs are also old mansions and castles as well as domestic and farm animals. Angels and ancestors make for a unanimous look. Also sepia-colored photos in vintage picture frames make a good figure on the bedroom wall. County Style is by no means old fashioned. Surely you can give the interior of the country house a very individual touch and implement many new and why not abstract decoration ideas.

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Who wants to give his bedroom the typical country look, must not neglect the matching wall design. For the versatile country style wood paneled walls are very characteristic. If you want to conjure a light and unobtrusive country style, the bare walls can have a great spatial effect. Especially when great and unique pieces of furniture should be in the foreground, the bare walls are an ideal canvas for them. It also creates an exciting contrast that does not go unnoticed.


The wallpapers are a great way to imitate various materials such as wood or brick deceptively real. Even wallpapers with soft floral motifs and subtle splashes of color give the bedroom in the country house a romantic shabby chic touch. The wall color plays an important role in the country style bedroom. The sleeping area should be pleasant and calm, which is why inviting, elegant and subtle colors are always to be preferred.

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The wall colors in country style are usually white or just painted in another light color. Natural shades, pastel shades, beige or bright yellow also match the cozy country house style. Discreet gold accents on the walls look classy and create an elegant touch. What do you think of a country-style bedroom in white? With this neutral wall color the room will be carefree and simply timelessly modern.

The white wall paint exudes elegance, cleanliness, order and freshness. The white bedroom skilfully combines the rustic with the modern, making it a color of choice in furnishing and decorating in a modern country house style. The whitewashed walls give you plenty of room to set up and decorate.

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The fresh, white wall paint acts in the Lanhaus style as an ideal basis for home accessories and furniture that you want to set the scene tastefully. A completely white country house bedroom fascinates with a very special charm. White is also a perfect color for your bedroom furniture. A solid wooden bed in white comes in both the large and in the small bedroom to advantage. With radiant white furniture your city apartment will shine in a fresh Landau charm.

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