Best Decorate the stairs – ideas with color, wallpaper remnants & wallsticker

You also want to decorate the stairs? Then pick up all the wallpaper remnants from the cabinet. Glue the staircase with the remains and you have already set accents. If you want to experiment, you can buy small wall stickers and stick the stairs or the wall with it. We advise you not to decorate the stairs with flower heads – there is always a risk of stumbling. If you have small children, you can use this cool idea – paint the stairwell with plaque! You will appreciate the alternative room especially in rainy days. There the children can paint, or simply write beautiful messages to the guests. Optionally you can decorate the stairs with stripes. Several colors, which are in harmony with the color of the wall, will surely create cheerful mood.
We have already given you ideas in the article 60 ideas for storage space under the stairs – here are two original proposals. Install a wall shelf. Under the staircase you can mount bike stands – and you have already used the available space meaningfully. If you are looking for an original look, you can simply sand the stairwell and paint it. Creative housewife from the USA has pasted the stairwell with old customs sticks. The end result has totally inspired us! For more ideas on how to decorate your staircase, see below!