Bedroom in white: ideas how the room can look friendly and bright

Noble, timeless and stylish is the color white. It is a symbol of purity, clarity and innocence, but it can also be sterile and distancing. Imagine spending several hours in a completely white room. How would you feel after that? Would the color white have a clarifying and purifying effect on you? If you do not want to feel like you’re in a sterile hospital, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Be inspired by our ideas for a cozy bedroom in white!

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Every day we are constantly surrounded by a lot of information. But that will be a problem when we are flooded with stimuli. This also overstrains our brains. Our home is the sanctuary where we want to find peace. Especially in the bedroom calming colors are in demand. White can relax the senses and bring order to your thoughts.

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Snow-white walls could be too sterile and boring. They also convey a sense of coldness that is not desired in the bedroom. By broken white tones, which have a warm undertone, but you can create a cozy atmosphere. There are actually more than 200 different shades of white such as offwhite, cream white, pure white, ivory white, off-white etc.

Here you will find a bedroom in white, which is not suitable for you. Then you can change accents through colorful additions and decoration depending on the season or mood. Make sure that lots of playful details make the room restless. Put rather few, but high-quality accents.

Examples of a harmonious interaction of wall, floor and furniture colors:

  • Walls and furniture are white, combined with a dark parquet floor, beige or brown textiles give the bright room a cozy ambience.
  • The floor and the ceiling are white, the walls are painted in a warm shade (beige, cappuccino, cream), wooden furniture, white textiles complete the overall picture.

Regardless of the color scheme that you have chosen for your bedroom, the furniture should not visually blend too much with the floor and the walls. By combining different shades or using materials with different surfaces you can create beautiful contrasts. High-gloss furniture, for example, stands out particularly well against a rough-looking wall with straps, a textured wallpaper or a decorative wall plaster. Photo wallpapers and 3D wall panels also provide a wonderful look.

Our Cape Town Occasional Chair & Strand Pedestal Bedsides. Photography Villa Styling

White lives from contrasts and can be combined with all colors and materials. Several factors determine the right balance between light and dark tones. These include the size of the room, the amount of natural light, the interior design style and the individual preferences and character of the residents.

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Bright colors increase the space, while dark ones make it smaller. When it comes to a small bedroom, you are best to forego strong contrasts, intricate patterns and large motifs. If the ceiling is low, you can also use optical tricks like vertical stripes. Vertical murals and narrow, high cabinets also increase visually. Horizontally oriented illustrations and panoramic pictures.


If the windows are facing south, you can easily use dark and cold shades. In a shady bedroom it is better to do without dark shades. Choose warm colors like orange, yellow, brown and pastel shades like pink, mint, beige and cream.

Tip: It is not recommended to mix cold and warm colors in the bedroom. The result looks restless. Stay with a consistent color scheme.

Beige gets a bad rap, but it has a lot going for it: it's timeless, calming, is far less trendy than gray and less sterile than white, and it serves as a great backdrop for more exciting things.

A small bedroom is excellently lit, floor-to-ceiling windows. These are rarely seen in a city environment. A good idea is still to paint the existing window frames on the inside white.

Picture shelf above telly in bedroom so we can see photos of boys/us/ holidays etc

If you want to put plants or other decorations on the windowsill, make sure that they are not too big, so that the incident light rays do not stare.

There's nothing more calming than a minimal bedroom with crisp white linen and lots of natural light. This tool is going to change how you decorate with color. Whether your dream color scheme for a bedroom is neutrals with cream and gray, or pops of bright pinks and Fuchsia, this custom tool is tailored to fit any style for any room. Make every space totally yours without getting lost in photo overload.

When it comes to window decoration, too, you are once again relying on the color white to create airiness and space. Avoid too dense fabrics that completely block out the light of day. For example, light-deflecting blinds allow incoming light to be metered and differentiated controlled in the room. With beautiful, transparent curtains you can lend the bedroom liveability. They usually consist of a thin material that is translucent and at the same time provides protection against strangers eyes. Transparent curtains can also be beautifully combined with opaque curtains.

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A good way to distribute daylight in the mirror and create it in dark corners is to use mirrors. Through the skillful use of mirrors, additional light can be captured and redirected in the desired direction. A mirror opposite the window can greatly enhance dark rooms. This is effective if the room is not too deep. A larger room depth, the effect is no longer effective. Artificial light helps.

Classy home with natural materials - via Coco Lapine Design

An alternative to the wall mirror is a wardrobe with mirrored doors or high-gloss fronts. If the room is big enough, you can opt for conventional hinged doors. For small bedrooms, where every inch counts, sliding doors are better.

Bedroom winter - Tanja van Hoogdalem

If a room is too dark, a sophisticated lighting concept can work wonders. Divide the bedroom into different areas. The light should be adapted to different situations such as reading, dressing, make-up etc. Table and wall luminaires, for example, serve as reading lights in the bed, while rail systems and swivel recessed luminaires offer more flexibility and can be individually aligned. With dimmable lights and indirect light you can also create different moods.

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For a bedroom in white is still recommended warm white light. It calms and creates a cozy atmosphere. Cold white light can also be activated and concentrated.

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From the natural country house style of Scandinavian to the romantic shabby chic – white is one of the characteristic features of many furnishing styles. So if you want to decorate your bedroom in white, think about the different styles and personal preferences. After making a decision about a clear style, it will be easier to harmonize furniture and home accessories harmoniously.

Copenhagen black and white print by SOOuK - Scandinavian workspace with berber rug and sheepskin

One of the most popular interior design styles is the country house style. He is classical, playful and stands for a closeness to nature. Natural materials and motifs from nature characterize this nostalgic style of living. Especially popular are textiles with plaids, stripes and floral patterns. When furnishing is mainly crafted processed from natural wood in the foreground. Also some kitsch is allowed in the form of porcelain figurines, potpourri and antiques from granny times.

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The color scheme is very neutral – in black, gray, beige and white. Here also the wood in bright colors dominates. The furniture has clear, simple shapes and a functional design. The focus is on natural materials and a simple design language. Brightness and light are also a big topic in the Scandinavian trend of living. Impressive lamps, many candles and lanterns provide more comfort in the long, dark winter nights. Fabrics and textures also play an essential role here. Choose wool bedspreads that keep you warm, and plenty of pillows that invite you to cuddle.

Gravity Home: Bedroom with workspace in a 3D Scandinavian apartment

Shabby Chic is a nostalgic style of living with a feminine touch. The color base for this romantic furnishing style lies in pastel shades such as rose and sky blue, which are supplemented by a lot of old white, beige and gray. Silver-colored metal home accessories such as vases, candle holders and table lamps give the decoration a classy touch.

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The boho chic style has been on the rise for some time now and is also making its way into our living spaces. And no wonder, because it conveys a beautiful nonchalance and creates the perfect ambience for a pleasant sleep. Although the hippie style can be very colorful, using a lot of white can keep the clean look. Here too, great value is placed on natural materials and natural colors. Linen, knit lace, jute, basket and leather are particularly popular. In addition, macrame and dream catcher make the perfect boho decoration.

Love! ... and don't even get me started on the hammock chair!

The maritime furnishing style ensures that a fresh breeze blows in the bedroom all year round. The combination of white and blue, as well as striped patterns, are very characteristic of the maritime interior. Fresh sand tones and accents in red complete the style. Driftwood decorations shaped by nature complete the maritime look with rustic charm.

White Bedroom

If the bedroom is to be furnished in a minimalist way, the clear line comes first. Everything is reduced to the absolute minimum. Geometric shapes, smooth surfaces and a harmonious interplay of the colors white, black and gray make for a harmonious picture. The room must neither be too empty nor too drab.

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