Awesome Modern shading for your terrace – a sun sail made to measure

The topic “reasonable sun protection” in the outdoor area is extremely versatile and we have already dealt with these several times. Flexible options for the shading of terraces or seating areas in the garden are always in demand, as the architectural features and characteristics vary from house to house and from garden to garden. In addition, there are increasingly new types of shading systems that enable the interior to be extended to the outside in order to make the stay there much more comfortable.

Previously, planting a shadow-spreading tree was the simplest and most convenient measure for sun protection – but it is not suitable for the modern garden. A tree with a broad shade requires first of all sufficient space and regular care (also in the winter). Moreover, not all trees are suitable for planting close to the porch and must also grow for a long time until they can provide adequate shade.

A solid roofing for the terrace is another classic way to embellish previously unused freescapes and make them habitable in good weather. This must be planned as an extension to the house and adapted to the existing structural conditions. Sometimes it can happen, however, that irregular shapes are created according to the architecture and thus no sun protection by an awning is possible. In such cases, variable versions of modern shading for terraces, such as a solar sail, are recommended.
In recent years, much has been done in the field of technical textiles. The particularly popular sun sails are a modern solution for a functional roof, which offers every open terrace reasonable rain, sun and visibility. Individual versions can be installed, for example, underneath higher windows and balconies of the neighbors, thus safeguarding privacy.

A solar sail made to measure, as from the brand SOLONA, can easily be designed according to the individual wishes and needs of the respective customer and creates entirely new living spaces in the outdoor area. As a high-tech solution installed by a specialist, it can be rolled up automatically as a sun protection and rolled up in the event of a storm. This makes it ideal for private gardens and terraces as well as for public spaces and restaurants.

A SOLONA solar sail meets the highest demands on appearance, functionality and longevity. Thanks to the cable tensioning technique, it can be fixed at a freely selectable number of breakpoints and thus perfectly adapted to the condition of your garden or terrace. An important prerequisite for the installation of a rope-tensioned sun sail is stable fastening points as well as the possibility of oblique suspension of the elements. There are variants as fixed, fully automatic or manually rollable sun protection system, furthermore the sail varies in form and size, in order to guarantee optimal sun and rain protection. Depending on requirements SOLONA can move the solar sails and quickly dismantle in the event of an imminent storm or off-season. The fully automatic comfort sail reacts by itself with wind and sun sensors even on all weather changes – even in the absence of the home owner.

The shadow sails are available in a wide range of different fabrics. Bright materials are very popular in the outdoor area, but can be very unpleasant especially in the noon hours. In the garden, courage is given to strong colors – red, orange and yellow bring out the green of your plants even more.

SOLONA is a complete solar sail and is both shadow, weather and visibility. The possibility of adjusting the wings of the sail in height and inclination ensures optimum protection against heavy rain and wind, but also against unwanted glances. Provide the ultimate in comfort through SOLONA’s flexibility and create an optical highlight in any garden, on the terrace or in public places.