8+ Best Original lamp design – Creative idea ensures sunny mood

Are you looking for something special and interesting? Would you like to add a fresh and useful decoration to your apartment? This lamp design achieves the natural movement of the sun imitating in the interior.
The designer Viktor Reiter gives you an interesting idea for lamp design. A real sight for every interior. Let some nature come into your house! Do you miss the sun and your warmth? You will be pleasantly surprised! The sun can also be enjoyed in winter, in your own home. A great performance, which creates warmth and a sunny atmosphere. The luminaire of Viktor Reiter has achieved exactly that. The fact that most people do not get enough sunlight during the winter months has led to the idea for this original work. Biological and symbolic effects of light are both used by the designer for his work.
The lamp is a system of two Fresnel lenses, which creates different cones depending on the lens plane. When the lampshade surrounding the upper part of the lamp body is at the bottom, a warm white light illuminates in an indirect manner only a small part of the lamp housing and of the room. The further the screen moves away from the base, the clearer, cooler and widespread the light and the melatonin suppression intensifies. It is not just for a lamp, but also for a piece of furniture that invites people to approach and interact. This lamp design brings summer into your home!