10 unusual ideas for modern radiator design

It often happens that the radiator at home does not really fit into the interior, since the design is quite ordinary and boring. That is why we suggest you 7 unusual and interesting ideas to avoid this problem by looking at these examples of modern radiator design.
We are certainly looking forward to the decorative radiators of K8 Radiatori. Very often, the heaters are a stain on your elegant and modern decor. We do our best to hide this, but often without success. This is why we propose you this interesting idea for a modern radiator design from K8 Radiatori. The company produces innovative radiator designs for the interior at home. As an example we have selected the radiator in bamboo optics. He was inspired by nature. This radiator takes the narrow shape of the bamboo plant and transforms it into a modern decorative element that will not only match your interior, but it will also improve it.
The chic Radiator by Runtal embodies what every modern bathroom should be – comfortable, cozy and stylish. The Archibald model was simultaneously designed as a heater and as a cloth trailer and thus becomes a fashionable addition in your bathroom. This unusual idea for modern radiator design was designed by Leonardo Salzedo. The chrome radiator was made from a twisted piece of steel, which turns around to form four followers. This way you can dry your towels and dry your bathrobe.
This idea for modern radiator design from Brandoni is a perfect addition to your rustic interior. The Coblonal Radiator was designed by the Italian manufacturer together with the architecture studio Coblonal Arquitectura. It has a fabulous obsolete appearance with an industrial touch inspired by the old buildings and factories. The rectangular radiator is made of a steel plate and has a few scratches and flaws, which give the piece a real character. This radiator gives a rustic feeling and is even available with a place for the bath towels.
The Dafne Radiator is a unique design from the Black Label collection by Fondital, which only contains eight other models. This example of modern radiator design was presented at the Expocomfort fair in Milan and is the product of two ingenious interior designers, whose collaboration has created this original decoration. The radiator can be placed in any room. You can choose from a few different variations – each a piece of art in itself. In addition to its aesthetic appearance, this radiator design will attract everyone with its warmth. The Black Label collection was exclusively made in Italy.

Who knew that a radiator could be such a stylish piece of furniture? The Grandeur model is a stylish seat radiator from Aeon with heated seat for optimum comfort. Inspired by the classic design, these radiators are decorated with ornate armrests and a classic rectangular chrome profile that matches any modern interior. This idea for modern radiator design is particularly suitable for the entrance area with its heat. In the bathroom, the Radiator bench is a cozy place where you can warm up after the shower. In the corridor, the Grandeur model simply becomes an elegant focal point. If you combine the radiator with a side table or an art piece on the wall, it will certainly not be overlooked.
The company Aestus has caused a revolution in the UK with its unconventional radiator collection. Particularly interesting is the Azzara model. Who could guess that something so beautiful can be so functional. This idea for modern radiator design is the dream of every designer. We should no longer tolerate the traditional models of the old radiators. Aestus is a company that was founded in 1999 and since then its main goal has been to convert stainless steel into radiators. The Aestus designs can be seen at various trade fairs in the UK
This unusual idea for modern radiator design removes us from the traditional radiators and presents an innovative heating system. The elegant glass heating panel will add almost more style to your room. The Thermoglance radiators can be regulated by a chronothermostat which detects the room temperature and adjusts the heating accordingly. These glass panels are easy to set up and need only one power outlet. This body design saves a lot of space, is almost unmistakable and still – so the heater i