10+ The exclusive luxury yachts by interior designer Remi Tessier

Interior designer, designer, gallery owner. The story of Rémi Tessier tells of a bold and talented man. A creator always moving. The Frenchman designs exclusive luxury yachts, airplanes and private residences for wealthy clients from all over the world.
It implements a charming refinement in every design, with a very soberness. All the textures and materials have a natural look. The attention to detail is seen in every element of the interior, but balanced with a great purity. Remi Tessier says that he is inspired by nature, emotions, contemporary art and life in general. Of course every yacht design is also coordinated with the personality of the customers.
Wood is always present in its work as seen in these exclusive luxury yachts. Driftwood, polished, brushed, waxed, decolorized. He does not stop playing with natural textures to improve the reflection of light or to supplement a sensual note. Remi Tessier combines simple with precious wood species, combines maple and ebony and sets accents with materials such as plaited leather, etched glass or palladium.
The importance of art for Remi influences the lighting he uses to reveal and emphasize details and textures. The manipulation of light is a continuous process, so he tries to develop new technologies with lighting designers. With the help of their research, he finds new ways to improve the space and interior design of the exclusive luxury yachts.