10+ Original designs – Exceptional residential ideas for inspirations

Design furniture often does not meet the expectation for functionality. They are visually attractive, serve as a view, but they may not be particularly comfortable. However, there are examples which precisely represent the contradiction. 15 unusual residential ideas break the imagination for formally, but only conditionally practical furniture and living accessories.
Modular furniture does not gain popularity for nothing. They can be used creatively, compactly and consistently. Modular seating units and sofas optimize the living space, if they are flexibly combined and thereby enable different activities simultaneously. Design, which is tailored to individual needs, will always be a step forward.
Vibrio is a modular sofasystem designed by Giacomo Garziano for the Dutch furniture manufacturer GG-loop. It is inspired by its organic and geometrical form. The soft, iridescent optics he owes to the velvet upholstery, optionally in several pastel colors. The modules reflect the symmetry of the mandalas and create a harmonious atmosphere in the room.
Upholstery and fabrics create a feeling for comfort and security thanks to their soft look, which is especially appreciated in the living and sleeping areas. Gentle colors and pastel tones complement the relaxed atmosphere and bring fresh notes into it. The combination of the two is a means to mitigate and enhance the modern interior architecture and its angular nature.
A first-rate ordinarily double bed with rectangular frame and upholstered head part not only visually appeals, but is also very practical designed. The bedside part covers a color-harmonious mesh made of soft suede. It consists of 9 tapes, which can be removed and washed. This not only reduces the maintenance effort, but also leaves the option of designing the bed head part itself.
Multifunctional furniture, which saves space, is the focus of contemporary furniture design. A collaboration between Yto Barrade and Stèphanie Marin has resulted in an interesting furniture system. In an elongated barrier unit on castors are several pillows and mats of geometrical shape. All can be transformed and transformed into an autonomous, dynamic world.
The composite landscape, consisting of elements transformed into furniture, to offer on little living space the greatest comfort.
Who says swinging is just for children? The swinging stool ‘Lips’ does not just appeal to any age with his name. With its simple yet playful design, he finds a place even in the working environment, where one can enjoy the break during the break.
The Italian manufacturer Missoni Home offers a variety of casual seating, upholstery and living textiles. At the center of the product line is the pattern. Lushly patterned textiles liven up the room, make it vibrate visually, and in combination with the playful color combinations creates a whole new concept for living rooms.
Natural and environmentally friendly materials also play an important role in the furniture design and furniture industry. Just in nature, designers, such as the textile designer Ronel Jordaan, find inspiration and work exclusively with natural materials or with recyclable ones. Not only has she come up with effective designs made of environmentally friendly materials, she has also developed a production that helps to alleviate unemployment. The designer trained South African women in the art of felting and commissioned to produce their original designs. Ndebele collection consists of poufs, couches and ottoman in different dimensions, made from 100% Merinowell by hand and has a direct reference to the South African peoples.
Recyclable materials such as paper are a popular medium for the production of residential accessories, decoration and small furniture. It is easy, gentle on the environment and easy to handle. Creative used arise from flat sheets of paper or cardboard objects that convince through their three-dimensional effect. What do you think of the ‘Lavian’ lamp from Wellkarton?
Wallpaper in the bathroom nowadays comes as a salvation from the old-fashioned or boring tiles. Wall & Deco’s Wet System wall-paper collection sets a new concept for a wallpapered wall. The effective designs can easily be confused with artistic wall paintings.
Against the moisture in the bathroom are called vinyl or PVC and glass fiber wallpaper resistant. This allows each bathroom to be designed individually without the need to commission an artist.
Acoustics in space is very important especially in the working environment, but not only. Modern designs are more to be confused with purely decorative wall decorations and playful wall decorations and fulfill the idea for schallsch