10+ Modular bookcases in personal design with mycs

There may be something more? If the standard shelf is no longer sufficient, personalized solutions must be made. With the interior label mycs, everyone becomes a designer and creates the ideal bookshelf itself: over 3 meters high, so that the shelf reaches under the old building ceiling is no problem. From the five-meter-long shelf width for the large library collection, to the 40 cm narrow shelf for the use of the smallest corner, numerous dimensions are available. Is there only one step shelf under the roof slope? Also no problem! The distances between the floors should be tight because there are almost only pocket books? Or wide, so that the picture books have space? Who in the online configurator bookshelves at mycs designs, has the absolute design freedom and can use its living space ideally. This is particularly beneficial for residents of difficult, twisted rooms, small single apartments or dormitories.
In order to fully live the current trend towards individualism in the interior design, extras such as drawers, doors or stylish shelf feet can also be supplemented, since: The perfect book shelf does not just depend on the dimensions!
Those who are already fully equipped would like their shelf to harmonize with the other furniture. Anyone who is renovating or moving has specific ideas about how the new facility should look. That is why mycs has three types of wood and seven color varnishes that can be used to color walls, floors, fronts, feet and back walls in the configurator. The bookshelves fit to every type: natural, discreet, lively and colorful or modern and cool – the design possibilities are uncounted. The Scandinavian-minimalist forms of the mycs furniture fit into many different styles depending on the color and material selection.
In addition to shelves, mycs also offers other furniture for individualists: cabinets, sideboards, wardrobes, dining, writing and couches are also easy to design in the online configurator. The interior label is therefore not only the right place to start for unique book shelves, but for an individual interior design in general!