10+ Luxury Living Room Design Ideas

For many, the sofa is certainly the most important element in the living room. However, if you want to move into a small apartment and do without the most important piece of furniture, you often face the same problem: How can you set up a living room without a sofa? We now show you a few successful examples and ideas for seat alternatives, which are equally comfortable and space-saving.
In the living room one would like to sit comfortably in the circle of the family or guests and to entertain themselves. When it comes to seating, the sofa is not the only choice. Relaxing chairs, benches, chaise longues and indoor swings can be used for cozy gatherings.

Everyone dreams of a large Sofasschaft, but in a small living room is difficult to fulfill. There should be a couch table, TV cabinet and shelves. Visually, a chair is much more airy than a massive sofa.

Instead of being uncomfortable on the sofa in the small room, everyone can sit comfortably in a chair. Two to four lounge or cocktail chairs can be arranged in a circle. Chest of drawers with stools are more suitable for a reading corner.
Here is another variant for chair arrangement. The four large armchairs are placed around a square couch table. The round side tables provide storage space for two table lamps without blocking the view. Another advantage of this grouping is that the eye contact is not lost as is often the case when two people sit side by side on a sofa.

In single-room apartments, podium beds with drawers are totally popular. But what if a sofa occupies too much space so that the drawers do not open and close normally? The solution: to set up the living room without sofa.
If you want to divide an open floor plan into different functional areas, you can also consider extending the dining area and reducing the living area. When guests come to visit, can sit at the dining table.

Reclining and relaxing – you can not just do that on a sofa. Also recamings, chaise longues and daybeds offer a cozy place to relax. These furniture can neither be classified as a bed nor as a sofa, but offer the perfect place to put your feet up.