10+ Industrial Style Furniture & Accessories in a modern house in the mountains

This impressive house is located in the mountains. It consists largely of window fronts and thus offers a fascinating panoramic view in all directions, which can be enjoyed by all areas of the living space. The design of the house is by the architect Olson Kundig and was developed in collaboration with the owner of the house. Industrial style furniture decorates the interior and should, at the request of the customer, bring together the atmosphere of the mountains and the modern furnishing style.

Industrial design furniture is used mainly in large and open living spaces. This includes many models made of metal, which create an impressive interplay with the steel beams of the house. The centerpiece is the cozy seating area with corner sofa made of brown leather, which gives the room a certain elegance. In color, it adapts itself to the natural sounds of the environment. However, the furniture in industrial style can not be found here. Also in many other areas, Industrial Style furniture has been used to create a perfect atmosphere.
So also in the open kitchen, in the cupboards and cooking islands of natural wood were installed. Here and there, however, there are also some metal accents to keep the mood going. A striking feature of the beams of the ceiling is also the rust optic, whose warm color is beautifully adapted to the wooden ceiling and also the other surfaces of wood. Edelrost is also used outdoors for the façade. The garage door, for example, is clad with precious stone panels.