10+ Designer table lamp models for an artistic flair

Table lamps have not only a practical function. They also serve to decorate the apartment and give it a warm and cozy and natural stylish ambience. To this end, table lamps are offered in different styles and designs to suit every taste. Table lamps are often so original that at first sight they can not be recognized as such or even resemble a sculpture. A few such examples of designer table lamps we would like to introduce to you in this article. Let yourself be impressed and start looking for the perfect lamp for your apartment.

The design of this fancy table lamp comes from Diesel and reminds somehow of the visor of an armor. As with the previous example, the holes provide a particular light effect. Otherwise, the lamp is the perfect companion for people who spend a lot of time at the desk, the light is focused on the necessary location. It is available in the three colors black, brown and aluminum. Do you like reading in bed? Then select the reading lamp. Or illuminate any room with the design as a wall lamp.

This original table lamp is a true work of art. It is offered by furniture manufacturer Kyouei Design. It reflects the sense of humor of the designer Kouichi Okamoto. From the lampshade of the table lamp originating from Japan liquid seems to run, which can be selected either in red or white. If you’re in the retro style, this lamp is just right for you. It has a simple design with a white lampshade and three wooden feet. The table lamp was produced by Zuiver. This lamp is a true sight. Through the stacked rounded stones, the lamp radiates a wonderful atmosphere and evokes the current Zen of the far east. When switched on, the lamp is warm. So make yourself comfortable with this lamp with a tea and book.

This modern table lamp has a particularly effective look. Its name is due to the interesting form, which reminds of an upright cobra. The combination of white and black radiates elegance. With this handy lamp, you can also save space on your desk by having a built-in speaker that you can connect to your computer or laptop. A technology with style!
With this impressive one you have to look at least twice to “understand” it. It consists of an aluminum mirror, as well as a container filled with water. The water, in turn, moves and can form water swirls. The speed and brightness can be adjusted. The wonderful, modern design is from 2006 and by Sebastian Hepting and Ingo Maurer.

With this modern piece you get sculpture and lamp in one. The organic forms combined with the warm, pleasant light create a cozy ambience that invites you to relax. The lamp is available in different colors and the light can be practically insulated.