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Warmth and coziness, these are the two words defining the winter in our living experience. For some of us, this thought warmth and coziness can be found in the heated indoor pool, which challenges us to leave the cozy and cozy textile and go swimming while admiring the snow through zenith lighting. In the winter months a refreshing outside is a difficult experience without a doubt, one that will not be able to keep you in shape, if you are a dedicated swimmer, the problem can be solved by bringing the pool inside. Indoor swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular every day thanks to clear issues regarding usability and functionality.

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Indoor swimming pools will enhance and enhance the ambience of your interior, and like outdoor pools, indoor pools will promote social interaction of residents through the year while improving aesthetic and ergonomic values in a harrowing manner. In this article we have carefully selected over 50 stunning indoor ideas designed to assist you in your project or simply feed your imagination for your dream home, see small or large swimming pools, falling glass on metal structure or protected by the main mansions, Olympic Training Pools and gym connected to swimming pools.

Schmale Schwimmbad Kammer mit Beleuchtung Zenith

White and blue seem like a perfect combination for the indoor pool

Whether you’re sitting and relaxing in your pool or you’re year-round training for Olympic Games, the indoor pool is a wonderful experience to be enjoyed.

Indoor pool - villa in Ghent, Belgium by Dirk Heveraet architect

Designed by Mon Palmer from Slightly Garden Obsessed

A popular design line, theme and theme for contemporary indoor swimming pools is creating a world into a world, a really big trend these days. This method can slow you down to the monotony of your life with a surreal alternate world sneaking out of your busy city life. Depending on your space and budget you can create a corner of Bali, a rocky mountain-like waterfall for your pool, a Mediterranean like design or a Moroccan. Imagination knows no bounds to materialize Google your favorite vacation spot and in your own home.

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For a while now, people have thought of indoor pools, surrounded only by stoic concrete walls, possibly on all four sides. While this setup is almost not mandatory in regions with harsh winters in warm winters, and if conditions you want to allow, you can opt for the best compromise. A glass extension of your home on a sleek metal structure that will protect your indoor pool offers exceptional snapshots of the environment, exceptional natural lighting, the outside temperature in the summer and the sun makes the pool warm, if possible, the best compromise that allows your To enjoy your swimming pool at the nicest thing. These see trough domes enjoy exceptional rainy days in the comfort of their own, possibly, heated pool.

Indoor lap pool with rammed earth wall at The Dalrymple Pavilion in South Africa designed by Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens Architects and interiors

Happy we are all different, and while some of us would like a dramatic escape indoor pool others would like to enhance the design and the appeal of a home contemporary. Some homeowners choose to make their living room or dining area in an impeccable composition of their spacious indoor pool.

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The indoor pools are also easier to manage year round, much lighter then outdoor pools as well as cleanse. The right dehumidifiers and climate control systems must be perfectly in place and in great working order.

The hotter days of summer ask for long days at the pool and what’s better than luxury pools to keep you refreshed all day?

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Large transparent roofs enhance the feeling of space, allowing natural ventilation when opening, bring a lot of light and create a very bright and peaceful atmosphere. Most of these systems allow you to freely choose views undisturbed and vice versa, these systems can complement a modern indoor pool in an extraordinary way.

Indoor pools are a must. Especially this one.

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The indoor pool is not just a pool. A piece of water in your home must be in an exceptional decor. Do not make any compromises on the deck room, tiles and lighting if you want to maintain a certain ambience. They know that the work is not completed, and it might even visually disturb you. A huge investment should be fully enjoyed, make sure you get the shape and ambiance you want.

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Pygmy Dattelpalmen am Rand des Pools einläuten im tropischen Stil

Light and lighting plays a crucial and important role in any interior design, but when it comes to indoor swimming pools, it’s a whole different story. A dark swimming pool is scary for most of us, not knowing that there is nothing in the pool is worse. In addition to lighting in the swimming pool set those, the scenery and ambience are just as important, these can create different effects, ever from a mysterious ambiance to a very futuristic with no shadows.

Indoor Pool im Wohnzimmer eines Ferienhauses

Multiple layers of lights, perhaps in different colors can create a gorgeous picture, remember that you should always consider the current landscape when changing or adding something new.

Das Spa Entre Cielos in Mendoza (Argentinien) wurde durch das A4 Estudio erstellt. Beton mit einer Textur aus Kiefernholz sorgt in den Innenräumen für eine warme Atmosphäre. Kleine Löcher in den Wänden rufen zarte Lichtspiele hervor

Indoor pool - Torre de Palma Hotel, Portugal by João Mendes Ribeiro

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